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AD GERMANY - What style rules does a bathroom in Beverly Hills follow? Marble, vintage and Old Hollywood glamour

In the bathroom profile we show you the most inspiring bathrooms worldwide. This time: A marble home spa in Los Angeles that combines glamor and lavishness.

Marble bathroom in Beverly Hills: Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn from House of Rolison renovated a 1950s home and created a spacious home spa with lots of stone.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that this bright marble bathroom is located in a renovated home in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Because this bathroom is the absolute epitome of Old Hollywood glamour, thanks to the marble, the dark window and mirror frames and the many brass details. And that is exactly what is particularly important to Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn from House of Rolison in their creative work, i.e. preserving the original charm of a house, and why the two of them converted two separate bathrooms into a spacious home spa with a free-standing tub and a huge double shower. Here, traditional materials combine with modern elements quite effortlessly.

The two separate bathrooms of a 1950s home were transformed into a spacious home spa by Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn of House of Rolison. Gavin Cater
What makes this marble bathroom special?

In this renovated 1950s house, it's not just the view that's impressive, but also the view. Thanks to its location in the quiet Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO) district, residents have an exceptional view of the hilly landscape of the iconic Beverly Hills district and even of the nearby Pacific coast. The fact that the interior is at least as impressive is due to the creative work of Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn, who jointly run the local construction and design company House of Rolison and were in charge of this renovation. As with all of their other projects, the two of them were keen to preserve and, if possible, improve the original charm and character of the house. And although it wasn't just the old, thick carpet that was completely dusty, they tried to fully preserve the cool mid-century charm by using noble, traditional materials such as Calacatta Viola marble as well as dark wood with brass details and a modern, neutral and earthy color palette combined. “We are known for combining styles that shouldn’t necessarily be friends with each other, but always end up going really well together,” explains Hahn.

Just a few steps from the shower is a modern, free-standing tub.
 Nils Timm

The original master bathroom actually consisted of two small bathrooms that were separated by gender - one pink and one blue. Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn wanted to bring them together and create "one large, cohesive space that feels not just like a bathroom, but more like its own sanctuary in the house." They achieved this with a spacious double shower made of marble and the free-standing bathtub right next to it, both of which are equipped with small seating and thus invite user interaction. To completely round off the new home spa and the synthesis of old and new, even small, more functional details such as the hinges of the glass shower walls and even the sockets were presented with eye-catching materials and finishes like little pieces of jewelry.

If you are looking for relaxation in your stressful everyday life, you can also find it in your own bathroom. According to spa expert Fatima Diagana, setting up your own home spa doesn't require much more than “a warm shower, paired with a high-quality product that has a nice scent and a pleasant texture.” To really enjoy the moment, Diagana recommends small but comfortable seats in the bathroom, where you can sit after a warm shower or a long bath and thoroughly care for your own body or that of another family member. For the expert, not only absolute peace, but also interaction and communication are essential to the perfect spa experience!

The large double shower not only offers space for two people, but also seating on both sides.  Nils Timm

Who planned the bathroom and what building blocks does it consist of?

Design: Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn of House of Rolison

Location: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Colors and materials: The shower wall paneling, base and part of the vanity are made of Calacatta Viola marble, and the floor is made of white oak.

Fittings and Fixtures: Brass-colored fixtures are from Signature Hardware and Restoration Hardware; the washbasin is also from RH; the lights are from CBW and the mirrors are from Pottery Barn.

To capture the original charm of the home, Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn chose elegant and, above all, glamorous brass fittings for the entire bathroom.
 Gavin Cater
Down to the last detail: The eye-catching Calacatta Viola marble not only adorns the washbasin, the shower and the base of the bathtub, but also the sockets.
Gavin Cater

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